Thursday, March 22, 2012


Finally, I have the spirit to write again....:)
to be honest, after get married so much thing happened, n i am quite bz with everything..
6days after mykenduri i olredi move from penang to btgkali for kenduri at my husband place.
on 19th dec 2011, both of us start working.
we rented a house in PJ n now we r happily njoy our moment there..hehe..
now we r almost 4months get married...
but we still didnt get our wedding pictures from photographer..huhu
i will share the photo once i get it okey?hehe
like usual, the post will be quite borink without pictures rite?so here some of the picture taken from my handphone during our wedding day..njoyyyy..
hantaran from me
my favourite wedding dress ever..hehe

my family

malam berinai

pelamin at batang kali

till then..cyaaa