Friday, October 21, 2011

Tertarik dgn post CIK EPAL

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera sumanya....:)

post kali ni just nk share apa yg telah di baca baru2 ni kt blog CIK EPAL..
sama2 kita pk kn mana yg betul.

jom same2 check it out..hehe

p/s : dalam proses.............INSYAALLAH

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Walk To Remember..(:

Assalamualaikum n Good Day everyone..:)
well, time goes by so fast..
still remember my post about "weddink dink dink"?
at that time, we still have 6months left before wedding day..
but now, only 2months to go..hehe (kindly check the timeline below..hehe)
a big day will come very soon.
that means a lot of things need to be done..fuhhhh
alhamdulillah, so far everytink goes well..:)
im just super excited to see my pre-wedding photo-shoot album...hehe

lets recap wat happen a few months ago..

i have been risiking on 8jan2011..hehe
unbelievable..i never dream to be risiking..hehe
my fiance n his family have this kind of tradition sense..:)

i love this ceremony so much since all my family was wearing sumtink PINK..hehe
we have been engaged on 12march2011..(12311)..hehe
pls click this picture below for more pictures of our pink engagement day..:)
and now, we are counting the big day...
i will reveal the theme for my wedding soon..hehe
it have to be sumtink bright so that everybody can see the pengantin..hehe
so sad to say that, no more PINK this time..huhu

okey allssss...
that's all for now..
till then, c yaa...:)