Saturday, November 5, 2011



it's pink
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Friday, November 4, 2011


Hye everyone..:)
How's life?hopefully everything is fine and each of you having such a happy happy day...:)
Well, as promised.....Today I will revealed my pre-wedding photoshoot pictures..hehe
After waiting patiently almost 1month, finally the pictures are ready..hehe
To be honest, my fiance and I are super excited..haha (first time maaa...)
Actually, there are 21 pictures, but I only can share 8pictures with all of you..
So now, let's enjoy some of the pictures.
If interested to do pre-wedding photoshoot just go to the link which I gave on last post.

My Fiance Favorite Picture

My Favorite Picture

That's all..hehe
See yaa on next post..
Thank You for viewing this blog..:)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

1 Month = 30 Days before Wedding Day :)

Assalamualaikum everybody..:)
Finally the number of the days before wedding become smaller and smaller..
(me : budget cinderella tgh berlari..hahaha)
to be honest, i'm super tired to run while my fiance just stand still..
not fair isnt it?just kidding

This time I just want to share my color theme for the wedding.
DRUM ROLL~~~~~~~
ORANGE + CREAM will be the color theme for my majlis..:)
Never thought to choose this color..hehe
I have a few colors in my mind but then finally I choose ORANGE + CREAM

And one more thing I want to share is, I have special box for my guest especially my friends.
Anybody have any idea what is inside the box?????

super excited to pleased everyone...
that's all for now..
till then c yaaaa...