Friday, June 3, 2011

Weddink dink dink....(:

hyeee allssssss....
first of all, thank you for droppin' by to it's pink..(:
actually, today post is about sumtink personal..(no biggie..hehe)
nothin much.just to share about our big day..hehe

if u ol the bottom of this page there is timeline for our wedding day..
today it's only 6months left..huhu
we have to say about 40%-50% done..hehe
pre-wedding photoshoot
all the above already deposited..hehe

just worried about akad nikah baju..still dun have any idea on wat pattern it should be..
however i do love these sweet..hehe
but for sure i will be wearing sumtink white..hehe

kursus kahwin???hehe..only july we will be attending the kursus..
hopefully everything will go well as we planned..(:

ermm..dats all for now..
btw thanks for reading dis post..hehe

do pray for our happiness yaaaa...(:
fiance to fiance