Wednesday, September 21, 2011

pose pose pose and pose.

hye everyone...:)
after having a tremendous holiday n busy with works, only today i have the opportunity to write sumtink in my pinky minky winky blog..huhu
well, last saturday was a saturday to remember..hehe
my fiance and i having a pre-wedding photoshoot..:)
after did some research, we choose MY WEDDING BRIDAL COLLECTION to arrange everytink for us..
at first i'm planning to do indoor photo-shoot but then my fiance decided to do outdoor too..
for outdoor we went to an old railway..huhu..quite interesting but i sweat all the time..hehe
with 4 gorgeous gowns (2 whites, 1 PINK, 1 dark red) n 4 times hair do, it just worth it.
it was a lots of fun but a bit's normal lorr the most important tink, we enjoyed sooooooo much..:)
almost 200 poses in a day from 12pm till 5pm..(please imagine)
we pose n smile, pose n smile, pose n smile, pose n smile....and again n again n again..huhu
after posing mosing, changed clothing n become a normal human being, we have to choose the pictures for our banner, frame n album.
it was quite hard to choose the most perfect picture since all of the pictures was superb..
thank you so much to the photographer..hehe
after 2hours, we got all the perfect pictures that we need..hehe
maybe end of October or early November we can get all the pictures.
i will upload some in here..:)
so stay tune..hehe
one of my gown..:)

till then c yaaa....